Total Lunar Eclipse and dark starry night

One of the most clear weather situations, is after rain showers.Feb.09.08,It was very pleasant moments to me to sharing some telescopic views of heavins with some of my relatives for the first time in them life, that was outside dusty-smoky city of Arbil.
The Nawkur plain is one of the reachest agricultural regions,lies abot 70 Kms West of Arbil in northern Iraq.but after my trip,I found out that it is also rich with clear skies and very good for astronomical observations for Sun and all other stars.
Total Lunar eclipse of Feb.21.08 at 06:15 am was a very ince target to take some photos,but with frozen fingures in that morning!.


  1. That night at 8:03pm, we were also watching the lunar eclipse on a perfectly clear night. It's great how we're all connected by the stars, especially a celestial event like the eclipse. Unfortunately I don't have any photos of the eclipse to share. Thanks for sharing yours.

  2. Another great batch, Azhy. I love your night photos, they're such a great addition to our site. As you said before, it's one thing we all share together, no matter where we're from. Keep 'em coming!


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