LPS and such...

Having been so long since I've posted, I figured it was about time to bring you a few updates. Per the recent poll I ran here on the blog, the votes fell heavily on the side of making the switch to WordPress from Blogger. To this end, I have installed and am currently testing the first template candidate for our new layout. There will be many changes for everyone involved, but I'll do my best to streamline the process to make for the easiest switch possible. I do not have a timetable at this point, but will be bringing you more updates as things progress. Jay Wesler has moved into an admin roll so he can lend his web design expertise; many thanks to him for his help on this!

I also want to thank all of you for your participation here on the LPS. The number of posts recently has been very motivating and I look forward to the coming site changes continuing that trend.

Oh...and for a photo:


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