Between Iraq and Iran... brotherhood bridge through the Sky!

After I recieved the invitation letter from Iranian Astronomical Society, I went to Iran for the 1st time in my life.There was no airwayes between Arbil and Tehran, so the bus was the lonley choice.The trip started on Monday 25 Aug at 7 AM,and I reached Tehran on Tuesday26th at 8AM!There was Al-Sufi's 2nd Observation Competition which was held in Zahedan Governorat near Pakistan-Afghanistan border for one most magnificent dark night with thousands of stars and unbeliveable scene of the Milky Way.

Really and honestly I said that Iranian people are very nice and kind people,the view there is so different than the medias showing us.After all that we are civilians and we don't care about policy.So astronomy can made strong bridges through the sky,away from bad guies!


  1. Hey Azhy, it's been a long time since I've commented on any works, sorry about. Again, though, you've added some fantastic images (love your night shots) and bring us news from your region. Thanks for your continued participation!


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