Palmer Alaska getaway

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My world of summer weddings was put on hold this week while Heather and I take some time off to visit our friends in Palmer, Alaska.

We've been knocking around the mountains in "Princess", a 1959 180 Cessna. A real beauty of a plane. Today we're off to Montague Island just about an hour north of us. We're going to do some beach combing, salmon fishing, and sight seeing. Here are a collection of photos I've made up to this point. Some of which are from a trip that we took to visit George Lake. We got to see Surprise and Colony Glaciers from above... wow, massive!. We landed on a dirt strip and hiked around until late, returning home by sunset. Heather got some time behind the yoke and flew an airplane for the first time in her life.

More later. Gotta fly!

Russ and "Princess" volunteer their services for the Iditarod every year.

Russ flies for Alaska Air when he's not playing.

Home field at Sky Ranch.
Home sweet home.
Heather taking the yoke.
Excited fly girl.

On the ground at George Lake.
Bear spray.
Amazing icebergs.
Taking in the view.
Austere beautiful moments on the glacial lake.

Coming home after an amazing flight.
The crew: Russ and Rhonda, Larry and Heather.


  1. Astounding....really, what a great opportunity, Larry. Love the bear spray... :-) Thanks for you continued contributions to the LPS!


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