Absynth w/o Leaves

Hello, strangers. I've been unable to post anything for almost two months...more crazy computer woes. Still, I've been taking a lot of pictures and have picked a few to share. There were several evenings spent with Jay, chasing the moon with cameras blazing. I'll have to post a few more from the Oktoberfestentosen Partoi at ol' Pine Creek, which was good fun again this year.

I hope Thanksgiving found each of you well. I have to chuckle as I go down the list of blog members - you're all my best of friends from never and forever. There are a few names missing, but we have 10 states and 4 countries represented between us and I want to thank you all for the great participation. To be imprecise, we have nearly 30 members and almost 100 posts in just over 4 months, averaging slightly under 1 post per day for a total image count I'd guess to be somewhere right around 500-600+. whoa



  1. rouge, good to see your pics back again. we missed seeing your stuff. I love the many different photos and styles and angles. good showing of different sensations. the puddle reflection shot is amazing. it's a scene that I've seen, but never has looked like that before. the subject matter wouldn't seem very interesting in it's own, but it looks beautiful at that moment. I also love the black and whites, and that cool shot looking down on what I'm assuming is Andrew writing. Cool stuff. Great moons too. thanks Code.

  2. The lone tree shot is a classic! Michael Kenna would be envious!

  3. Beautiful shots Cody. I also love the lone tree shot.

    Be nice to your p'uter son.


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