Snow In The Beartooths

Winter is coming in hot this year. There was a nice snow storm Friday night, I was in the Beartooths near Luther. I got out in the early morning to catch a few shots of the heavy wet snow in an Aspen grove near Red Lodge Creek, then hit the road up by the East Rosebud River. Right away I saw 3 golden eagles circling. There were rumours of a neighbors dog gone missing, supposedly an Eagle got him. I thought that was kind of funny. I saw many bald and golden eagles, and at least 2 species of hawks, and even a paragrin falcon. There are a lot of good eats to be had from all of the hunters. The birds come from all around to feast on deer carcuses and road kill. Anyways, here are some pics I took while tooling around.


  1. Sweet photo action! I like the road shot.

  2. Jay, I new you'd like that photo. It's right down your photo alley.

  3. Ooooh! There's a cloud heron in #6!!!

    I like the road one a lot too. Lovely use of space.

  4. I really enjoyed your shots-beautiful area. I like the fresh snowfall on the creek and trees. The one of Boris swimming is great. Watch out for eagles, Boris!


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