Critique please...

We just got a good amount of snow today, so I went out for an afternoon/lunch photo session. Just out of curiosity I would like to see who likes what picture. Please give an opinion, I would be very grateful!


  1. Beutiful shots Jay! Vic and I both think the middle shot is the tops. Theres more motion in the snow especialy in the draw on the left side of the shot. later -dg

  2. Jay, nice photos. Very surreal looking with awesome contrast. I like the top photo with the full frrame. The dark sky, gives cool contrast. The middle and the bottom shot looks more wind whipped. Thanks Jay for the snaps.

  3. I'm all about that top shot, Jay. They're all really, really nice, but I like the larger frame for more viewing pleasure. I do, however, like that there's a slight bit more snow blowing off the ground in the middle shot. It's hard to say when I like them all, but I'm stickin' with the top pic. Thanks for sharing, JW.


  4. Jay, number three is definitely the best shot in our opinion. There is just something magical happening in that picture that doesn't happen in the other pictures. The delicate balance of all the elements all add up to make it pleasing to the seasoned observer. Nice crop.

    Nancy thinks the cropping and different composition of this particular shot emphasize the open expanse of the landscape and the beautiful light.

    Great shots Jay.

  5. I'm in with team three. I like the last shot because it does seem mystical. The sky in one is nice, and if i were to choose a picture based of aesthetic, i'd choose two, but i choose three in heart. it says more, it's almost like you could walk right onto the hill bottom left. . . like you're actually there. nice work. c*.


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