east rosebud

I was in Luther for thanksgiving, visiting the in-laws and taking in the Absaroka-Beartooths. Friday was a great day, my friend Damon and I stole away for the afternoon from family activities and took an awesome trip up into the East Rusebud drainage to take some snaps and get outside. I went up to my favorite bridge and swimming hole on then headed up towards Rosebud Lake. Here are some pics from the lake, river, and canyon. It was cccccold and windy. This is the second upload of photos from this area.


  1. Cre,

    Great shots, bro. That part of the state is so pretty, and you've supplied us with some great shots. It looks like you're adjusting colors a bit, not in a bad way, just working the photos a bit - I think they look great. The cliff/outcropping shots are sweet pie. Also, thanks for your comments on my shots...it's great to be back in order!

    Ahoy brother,

  2. Man sweet shots. I pull'd off some great ones as well!
    Thanks for the time my friend.


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