cre's cold pics

Fun time on our polar expedition in the Suby the other night. You guys were champions. Here's what I came up with after the deep freeze photo shoot. I was loving how the orange sunset was creating these aqua blue shadows, that were the constrasting color of the orange glow, and almost the same color as the sky directly above. The contrasting colors thing has been coming up a lot lately so I apologize for going off about this. I told these guys that a painting teacher once taught me that in nature you can depend on finding contrasting colors in the landscape, and to use that as a palette. Often the contrasting colors of the same hue if seen from far enough away look like the same color. I think you can apply that to painting and photography.


  1. Cre-ture,

    Great stuff. It's cool to hear your thoughts on complimentary colors. I wasn't trained as you and Jay were, so I have no idea how 'it' works, I just know when it does. The LPS Crew should get medals from the President for braving such weather to take pictures for the betterment of our fellow citizens' lives. :-0

    Thanks for posting, Cre.


  2. Man Cre......
    Come to p town to diversify


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