That's A Good Little Kitten

She doesn't belong out there.
With the Skunks and the Badgers.
The Bobcats and Coyotes.
She belongs in a nice warm bed.
She belongs on a couch,
in front of a toasty fire.
She belongs indoors, playing with
her new BIG brother, Coulis.
Now all she needs is a name.
Any ideas???


  1. Dooolitz
    You got her in the house! Wine? Roses? Barry White? Catnip? Maybe she and the skunk are er... on the outs? Good work! I would suggest Neko after Neko Case or Nico from the Velvet Underground. Don't ask Neko just sounds good tonight.


  2. Hey! It worked. She knew a good thing when she saw you!
    Porter says call her "Jelly"
    Declan says "Sockzeez"
    I say "Mousse"

    Happy kitty pictures.

  3. How 'bout "Ragtime"? Or more traditionally, "Betty".

  4. for some reason i say Beesley. i don't know why. but i just stared at her face for quite some time, and Beesley is what came. i'm glad she came in. i bet it's much nicer than out.

  5. Hmmmm, she's a masked "BatCat"!


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