That's A Good Little Kitten

She doesn't belong out there.
With the Skunks and the Badgers.
The Bobcats and Coyotes.
She belongs in a nice warm bed.
She belongs on a couch,
in front of a toasty fire.
She belongs indoors, playing with
her new BIG brother, Coulis.
Now all she needs is a name.
Any ideas???


  1. Dooolitz
    You got her in the house! Wine? Roses? Barry White? Catnip? Maybe she and the skunk are er... on the outs? Good work! I would suggest Neko after Neko Case or Nico from the Velvet Underground. Don't ask Neko just sounds good tonight.


  2. How 'bout "Ragtime"? Or more traditionally, "Betty".

  3. for some reason i say Beesley. i don't know why. but i just stared at her face for quite some time, and Beesley is what came. i'm glad she came in. i bet it's much nicer than out.


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