Like a boy being chased by sharkey sharkey

So . . . our jobs sometimes put us in compromising situations, but this is insane. I just finished a documentary called The Blue Revolution. It is a one hour show about eco-tourism especially involving sharks. I was invited to be the "actress" on board that was a fake tourist and got interviewed and got to dive with sharks. WOW. it was a pretty incredible experience, and if you ever want to do something like this . . . you have to go the bahamas. Once in a lifetime man. thanks for letting me share. ***


  1. You ROCK...or did I say that ready? I think you're just second to Chuck Norris on the scale of 1-to-Chuck...or, for those who don't speak Chuckese, 1-to-Maximum Cool. I can't wait to hear more about this trip in person. You're coming up to Liv next week, right??

    Love to the *!

  2. Wow, that looks like a lot of fun, cool shots!

  3. That's crazier than an episode of Walker Texas Ranger. Holy crap Cassidy! Those are so amazing, what an experience.


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