Summer time rolls

Well not much to say but, WHAT A GREAT SUMMER! Not too much time put into snapping these, which makes them kinda cool. Just a moment in time. We all look kinda worked in the last one, 5 days of beach camping, sun and ocean will do that to you.


  1. holy bagimmideez!!! that IS mcgoo. wow! it took me for ever to figure it out cuz the last time i saw you - you were still something of a youngin'...looking all grown up 'n stuff. ;)mariah

  2. Hey JM. What a summer it was. Now that it's winter in MT, it allows us the time to slow down, sleep more, more soups, more books, more layers, more guitar, more looking back over the previous year to take it all in. I'm glad we had some time this summer and can't wait to see you again and hear about the band and CA and how things are going for you, bro. Thanks for the fun pics, mang.


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