UT2 extra helping...

Here are some more photos from Canyonlands...


  1. hey jay, really liked the last one. the colors are rich and contrast with the reflection red, sky deep blue and fuzzy green. As above so below with something inbetween. oh! and the grubby little umbrella man! ;) m

  2. Jay, what an adventure. Great to see your shots from the trip...I know we're doubled up on a lot of them. The B+W reflection shot is a beaut, and your orchard shot turned out a lot better than mine. Good times!


  3. Amazing photos Jay, such cool landscape. Thanks for sharing these. I'm glad I can enjoy these scenes without risking my life to see it. Crazy to see so much water in the desert. Top notch man!

  4. i really like the black and white, i know exactly where it was taken i have a similar shot myself.


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