Jay and I hit Utah again this past week, discovering what 'the rainy season 3 days away from civilization" translates into. I could write a book about our adventures, as this was definitely the most dangerous trip I've ever been on, but I'll spare you all the scary details and just show some of the pretty stuff...it was also the most beautiful.



  1. Last pic, what is it? Very nice!

  2. Code-Red,
    I am so amazed at where your art has gone. You have taken your talent and skill to a new level so far beyond what I have seen so far. Beautiful and breath taking. I can't wait to hear about some of your experiences and see more shots.

  3. Rouge, those are indeed amazing. Top notch quality photos. Anyway to protect them from being poached by someone?

  4. Thanks for your compliments, guys. Lane, the last picture is of a flooded metal fire ring at a campground in UT. It's the standard for western states...comes equipped with an adjustable grilling surface.

  5. Wow, that last shot shows what the trip was like most of the time, wet!

  6. the first three and the last one are my favorites! Actually i really appreciate how the first one takes something so sharp and makes it appear soft...we all wish we could appear this way on the days when we are feeling prickly. Nice work w/in your deluged days!


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