Chicago 07-23-2005

Here are some pics, people and places. I've been doing a lot of people pics lately and less landscape stuff. Looking for the more obscure and less obvious scenes in Chicago is not always easy. Seems everything has been done before as you can see by my cliche' "Chicago board of tourism" pics. I like it when I find stuff like the girl on the wall, what the [#@!$)] does it mean?
The woman giving me the bird thought I was an [*(@)#_$], until I went up to her after I took the pic, then she laughed at me. The sax player was part of a series I took in front of the wall by the Sear Tower, Wesler should recognize that wall.
The man in the window with the flag was taken in my neighborhood at a run down laundrymat, he seemed pissed and then I got the second shot shown here. I have lots of other pics I want to post but i'll have to spread them out over a period of time so as to not bore everyone.


  1. Did you shoot all of these in one day? By the way, for everyone who reads this, Brad has a very good eye for photojournalism and commercial photography! Loads of talent!

  2. Yeah, I shot these all in one day??? I'm not Winogrand my friend. Yet. ;) I shot these over a period of a few months. There are a few more pics that I have from this period that I think are interesting. Thanks for the kind words, coming from someone as talented as you are, it's a great compliment.


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