Ruby Visited Again...

I have a lot of photos to post, Cody and I visited the Ruby River and surrounding ranges, what a photo haven! I have so many shots, but I just want to post a few, well, maybe more than a few. Enjoy!


  1. Although I was there, the work you did on the images rather enhances them...they all look great. It's going to be hard for me to post shots from the trip that don't mirror your own. Love the shot of the guy on the bike...he sure was in a hurry to kiss my nose, which you captured deftly. heh

  2. Jay, those are amazing. Even if you guys do get some of the same shots, they're always different. I think it's interesting to see pictures of the same subject matter and be able to compare and contrast. The overall effect is a study of the subject that not one person could cover. The Ruby area is amazing. Thanks for the pics

  3. I'd like to clarify my statement earlier. The "enhancements" I referred to are simply dodging/burning, contrast,etc. - standard darkroom techniques. What the comment was intended to mean is that I dig your style, bitz. Ahoy!


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