Beauty, at a cost

A fire that started in Paradise Valley on Sat. afternoon has already grown to over 10,000 acres, filling the skies with smoke and ash and putting everyone on edge at what might happen next. As of this morning, 6 homes have been at least partially burned. My boss' home is right in the middle of this beast, but was still ok as of noon yesterday. Several other co-workers live in or very close to the path the fire seems to be taking. It's strange to say, knowing that so much is in danger, that these images are beautiful, but as much as a small campfire can captivate a group of venturers, this baby is mind boggling.

The second helicopter image has been saved a bit bigger than most pics I post. Those guys' job must be insane...



  1. Amazing photos! Really shows the power that mother nature has. Kudos on the night shots, spectacular.

  2. Great shots Cody. The last one with the moon is a little surreal but beautiful at the same time.


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