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First off, click here and get some tunes rollin' (Chris Smither, pic 11).

Ok, ok, this is two posts in a row...and it's going to be a long one, but I went to a great music festival at Targhee last weekend with Doolittle and the crew and couldn't resist sharing of my favs. Amazing music, sunshine, cameras allowed, BYOB (if you knew enough) and lots of pretty people...could it be any better? I love the guy sleeping in the foreground of the second pic, and the girl hoola-ing with 4 hoops near the end. And, of course, Our Lady La Tigre, bringing up the rear with her leg of festival chicken. Hope you enjoy.



  1. Really great pics of a great looking event, glad you had fun.

  2. Heather, Jennie Lynn, Lauren and I jumped ship and went south to Targhee when we heard that Patty was playing. Best weekend of the summer... so far.

    Sammy Bush rocked the house with long jams and love chants for the whole flippin world on Saturday night. (no one plays the mando like Sam). The gentleman Lyle made the big band era envious with his cast of 12!!! and last but not least, Patty Griffin made heaven and earth stop in endless moments of the beauty of her songs. The finest I've heard in 20 years! If she's offering stock, you should by a load.

    Put the Targhee Festival on your calender for next year. 3 days of altitude, sun and joy.


  3. that's BUY not BY. My college daughter Jennie Lynn is always on my case about my spelling! hah

    I forgot how to spell in the 60's.

  4. finger lickin' good time...... I love the random girl with fried chicken.
    great shots Rouge!


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