Yellow River

...literally, a yellow river. Ok, maybe not, but close! Last week I went to the (what once was a) Natural Bridge here in MT. A forest fire over the mountain in the Pine Creek area was letting loose a massive cloud of smoke, which the sun was shining through and casting this fantastic color onto the water. You can't see the green riverbed too well in the picture, but it was an amazing thing to witness.

Also, Cre, thanks for acknowledging LiPS' 1-year. I like that you went back and pulled some pics from throughout...great memories like that shot of us being out there in the -13 degree N. Gal. Val. wonderland...then us being back in almost the same place in shorts. Sweet, brother. I'll try to come up with a fun post...I'm always too serious with my photos!



  1. Very nice color and composition. It's like we're floating above the river.


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