Goodness Gravelly

I just can't go to bed without posting a couple shots from my return trip to the Gravelly Mountains here in MT. This venture took Jay and I over 175 miles of continuous gravel roads and has to be one of the prettiest drives ever. Endless meadows at 8K and 9K feet, flowers beyond belief, 360-degree jaw dropping views, and not another soul to speak of...for miles and miles and miles.

The cliff face with the cloud above it is Black Mountain, pretty massive at 10,500 feet. We camped under it and experienced the most amazing sunset - it's in my top 5 for sure. You can see by the picture of Jay's back that we were dealing with an amazing amount of nothing I've ever seen. I have eleven mosquito bites between my wrist and elbow on my right arm. Sweet. If you see little black blobs in some of the pictures, it's bound to be a bug zipping through. I'll post a few more later, after Jay has a chance to get some of his shots up here.



  1. Great pics guys. The mosquitos look like a PITA though. Time for the xtra strength DEET.


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