WolfMother, not just a band anymore.

Things have been a bit slow here on the blog lately...summertime fun being had by all, rather than sitting in front of the computer. Perfect.

I met this girl, Sausha, 18 years ago in Yellowstone at a weeklong grizzly bear seminar that my mother was catering. Being the only two kids around, we quickly became friends and got to attend all the classes and tag along on the outings. Sausha's father, among other things, owns and trains animals for movies and such. Now, when I say animals...remember The Great Outdoors, The Bear, The Edge, Legends of the Fall...that huge bear...the really big bear? That's Bart. He's no longer with us, but he was considered a member of Sausha's family.

So, today I get a call from Sausha, she's on the road, comin' through town, she's got a truckload of wolves. Pretty amazing experience to have your friend pull up and unload these...

Big love to Sausha.

(I didn't take these two below, but I thought I'd throw them in there for the 'scale factor'...I wasn't lying when I mentioned that Bart was a really big bear. That's Doug, Sausha's father...kind of like a bear himself, great guy. Please don't try this at home, kids.)


  1. doh bart, he was a big boy

    amazing shots of the wolves, the eyes stair right through you.

  2. Hey Code R! I'm sure I saw an amazing documentary of Sausha's family, showing her Dad rolling around in a pond and in the yard with big ol' Bart.
    I envy you the chance to be up-close and personal with a truckload of wolves. AWESSSSSOME!
    Yep. Those eyes....Great shots!


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