About time...and a picture...or five.

Ok, so I'm late in getting it squared away, but I would like to pose a few simple guestiontosens.

First, who's on an airplane right now.

No one. Exactly.

OK, second, is anyone speaking Swahili while I'm typing this here? Nope, didn't figure as much.

But a few of us are wondering who took the best Liv.Phot.Soc. shots of 2005.

THAT'S WHY I'm asking for your vote for the Top '05 of o'Five. Send your votes and I'll tally the shizzle. Please take 10, 15, 95 minutes...whatevs. Go back through the archived months (column right) and pick a few. The fantastic winner gets a swinging prize from Code Red, whom you all love and abhor. So, get your vote on.

Many thanks to the patrons of '05,


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