Thursday, January 19, 2005

I miss seeing hawks and eagles on a daily basis. Here on the Right Coast (NOT referring to my politics), we see the occasional hawk cruising the thermals, but it's nothing like Paradise Valley and our home territory in Pray. Today, as if in answer to my wishes, this hawk nailed an unsuspecting pigeon in mid-air, dropped it on the lawn next to the Newport Art Museum, and waited in a tree for me to park my car. Curiously enough, I was on my way to a photography class at the museum. Eventually, the hawk dropped from its high branch and stalked its kill, and with what looked like defiance, stood atop that pigeon. The pictures aren't the clearest, but I was caught a bit off-guard.


  1. Mom... It is so great to see that you are in the loop here... and what an excellent series to open with!!!

  2. Hey June,

    Thank you for your interest in joining us! I think your first post was brilliant - that's something to catch. There have been days here where I've seen 5 Goldens, 3 or 4 Baldies and a dozen or more hawks of various types, all in a single drive through the valley. I hope you get to come back soon to enjoy them once again.

    Great to 'see' you,


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