Each year…from December to March, there is a group of folks who meet each Saturday and Sunday at Cutler Lake to play hockey. Over the years, these hockey fanatics have developed an exceptional system for the upkeep of the rink surface. This includes a poor man's Zamboni, a pump that takes water from the lake to a T shaped fire hose with small holes punched in it to drag up and down the rink. It includes people going out on the ice with putty knives and squee-gees and buckets of water to patch any deep cracks. It includes a rigorous shoveling routine(shown in photos} before, at halftime, and after each game. It includes a completely open door to all skill levels, and an implied and honored no contact rule, a rescue rope, an annual bar-b-que, and as many dogs as there are players… minus one.


  1. Minus One. Very sad.
    Caw, caw!

    Great shots, though. Doolittle, I'm glad that my old camera's in your hands...you put it to much better use than the floor under my bed. Keep shootin'!


  2. Beautiful shots. I, too, am sad that ca-CAW is missing from these scenes. He would have ruled. Love the shovel-zamboni shots especially.


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