Days Like This

I stayed in the valley at Andrew's on Friday, playing guitars well into the evening. After a fantastic, mid-day breakfast, I headed back into town and came across several roadkills from the previous evening's gauntlet, each with it's own 'carrion contingency'. Being so close to the road, the pictures are all of birds distancing themselves from me, but many turned out really cool. Once again, Golden Eagles are really, really big...up to a 78-inch wingspan. These shots go out to JuneBug.

Later, after poking around town for a bit, Jay and I headed out toward the Crazies and discovered yet another new, amazing road filled with equally amazing shots. We were a few minutes off on timing, but not too bad...still enough to get some shots of great color. That road, though, it's one that'll be back in our little posting world again. It's funny how amazing sights are always just around a corner you didn't even know was there.



  1. Hey. Thanks for the "dedication", Cody! Those shots of the eagles take my breath away, corny as that sounds. And the others, especially the water and ice shots, are beautiful. And it is great to discover those places just around the bend. Keep on looking! Wish I could have heard the music at Andrew's! Junebug

  2. Amazing bird shots. That eagle is looking right at you. That's one big bird. Good shots mate!

  3. well. um...amazing. that first bird on fence shot may or may not be sold in five to ten years for your first million.
    really great, code. c*

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