Here Kitty Kitty

Last winter I had to contend with "Animal", the overgrown, over-affectionate, wild cat that lived on my porch and screamed "Ma-Ma" at me every time I passed by. This winter's wild pet is the famous kitten that scared the Huns, that scared the Deer, who got caught in the fence and made the most awful sound I've ever heard, and in turn scared my neighbors Cattle herd into a full stampede. I actually could never approach her with any success in the open, but I discovered her living under my house during a pipe freezing incident and began dropping vittles through the trap door in my closet. Then milk, then came the famous ET moment when she raised her paw and pressed it on my dangling index finger. A month later and she will barely come on the porch at the same time as me... but with the help of Cody loaning me his camera, I was able to capture the famous, nameless, future sister to my 25 lb. pile of orange feline love, Coulis.


  1. Cool survalance work on the kitty. Keep sweet talking her and she'll come around. Now go buy some catnip brother man.


  2. I really like this. Nice story, nice shots!

  3. I'm sorry I didn't write sooner. Glad to see you're up and running. The new kitty, frightened little thing that it is, makes a great addition to the cabin retreat. I always wish it would take the next step, but it still likes to run away. Great shots, and I bet there'll be more.


  4. Those shots are like a Siberian Tiger sighting in National Geographic.

    What a tough kitty, sounds like she's been through the ringer a few times. She knows where the loving is good. You could write a country song about her.


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