Here are some shots from a recent camping trip up Cottonwood Creek in the Crazy Mountains. The two shots of the meadow were taken well after dark...the full moon helped with shadows. Still, they look cool with the streaking stars and daylight brightness. The stone in the creek shot was with Cre up Hyalite first extended water exposure. And, of course, more bugs.

I've been "away" recently because my computer has taken a serious faceplant. I'm kind of back up for a short time, then back down again to format and reinstall the OS. Also, I'm heading to Canada on Thursday to visit Bill and Adrienne Lovely for 5 I should come home with some great shots of British Columbia and a story or nine. Ahoy!



  1. these are just incredible. i've seen many my dear, and you keep getting more talented. Have fun in ca-na-dia.


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