Just set up the site using a new layout. Among the changes:

1. Added header image. Looks cooler, no?

2. Comments now open in a pop-up, so if you have a blocker, feel free to give me feedback on whether or not it should be changed back.

3. There is now an icon below each post that allows you to e-mail that entry to anyone, anywhere, anytime. It's the little envelope with an arrow on it...

4. I have removed the blog from the Blogger.com public index. This is an attempt to keep the site "hidden" as long as possible. Exposure is good, but "within the circle", so-to-speak. There are a LOT of great shots on the site, and we don't want random people coming in and ripping off our goods and using them for their own purposes. De-listing the site will help prevent this abuse.

5. SiteMeter - I've set up a tracking/site stats monitor so I can check out how many hits we get.

6. Added internal coding for audio posts - going to start posting a track of the week. I know, I know, this is a photo post, but adding a soundtrack couldn't hurt. As images currently open into the same browser window as the blog itself, I'm going to try to figure out how to have them open in a new window so that the music will keep playing in the background. I will likely be adding video capabilities in the near future as well...

More changes are planned, so be checking back!



  1. Code Red,
    The site looks wonderbar! Love the new format, look and feel. Thanks for posting the pics, more to come as we discover. We can hardly wait for you and CO to get up here.
    Peace out brother,
    Bill and Adi


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