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Hey all, just back from a little break and a great Northwest tour. Amanda and I left from Bozeman on July 21st to Seattle to Portland to Mt. Hood, got back home today. Overall trip was spectacular with cool scenery, family, friends, and lots of driving. I was able to see most of the Volcanoes in the Washington and Norther Oregon area through out different parts of my trip. Mt. Adams, Mt. Ranier, St. Helens, Mt. Hood, Mt. Jefferson, and all of them in backwards order as I left. It was hot as hadies over there last week, especially coming back through the Umatilla junction where it was around 107. Glad to be back in Montana to get some time in chilling on the rivers and having a croquet match in the back yard.

I was surprised to see all of the entries and people participating in the blog that have happened in the last couple weeks. Very cool and exciting. I can't wait to see more, so far it's been really cool. I hope to add some pics to freshen up the pot and get some northwest flavors going on the grill. Hope you guys feel it. Here's a couple for now. The photograph of the white blob is a photo of giant octupus eggs that I saw in the Puget Sound. Kind of crazy.


  1. Cool shots Chris, I'd like to see more of the Ocean, you have a skill for capturing that good Ocean light.


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