Ruby X

More from the Ruby. Jay's correct...the place is a haven for photos. It's amazing how few people there are, considering how easily travelled and extremely beautiful the place is. I'm happy MT still has so many of these nooks for people like myself to discover. Hope you enjoy the pics. - CR

P.S. - I just received my new Canon 20D, a full-body digital SLR with more features than I can even begin to utilize. I can't imagine I'll be posting anymore images from my Canon G5 for quite some time, but it's been a trooper of a camera. The jump in quality from G5 to 20D was long overdue, so I finally made the leap. Be looking for a marked difference in quality! Ahoy.


  1. So long G5, so long. She's been a winner of a camera. Thanks for the photos.

  2. Oh wow, I almost missed these. That a very, very nice camera you picked up man. Use it in good health!


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