I've added another form link to the column at top-right; Membership Inquiry. If you would like to join the LivPhotSoc or have a friend who wants to participate, use this form to let me know. I also updated the Links section with some cool sites such as this one that offers printable templates for constructing quick, paper lens hoods - genious.

Also, here are a couple pics in honor of Dave Walker, a co-worker who just retired. As you can see, Doolittle and his magic roll of pallet wrap did a sweet number on the getaway car. And if you're curious about the license plate, well, the proof is in the punning. He's a great guy who will definitely be missed...until we go visit him at his new home and business at Canyon Ferry. Now, there's an old-timer who has earned.....his own rooftop webcam through Walleyes Unlimited. Sweet.


(No, that's not Dave and I didn't take this picture, but I wish it were and that I had! Classic stuff.)


  1. Great idea and great lenshood link, thanks!

    Congrats on the retirement, Dave!


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