I posted some questions back in January regarding functionality upgrades to the blog, but didn't get a single reply. However, I didn't get bummed because it's clear from the number of hits the site gets that there's plenty of traffic and people seem to be using the current interface just fine....nearly 150 posts with 3,400 visitors. But, now has come the time to make a few changes I've been eyeing for a while, so be looking for those additions to the site.

In other news, I've just purchased livingstonphotosociety.com, which will have a completely new look and feel, but provide the same functions...and more. It'll be a few months, but I thought I'd let you in on it.



  1. Code,
    Sounds like a progressive plan. The blog has caught the eye of my photo inclined daughter in college. She would like to join and has admitted getting the information some time ago and having lost it in her collegiate shuffle from Montana to New York. Now the inclination has ripend and would like to join and contribute. She is histerically jabbing at my spelling skills and she's right, but the great thing about photographs is that they don't need properly spelled verbose discriptuns (ha).
    Please email me the information and I'll forward it to Jennie Lynn.

    She has started her own first blog Rosewood Beads if you'd like to check it out and comment.

    Thanks very much, Larry

  2. Wanna tip? Make sure that when you build the site use similar meta titles, tags, words, etc and cross link with your own blog. Use some real html or the latest version of that(not just a flash site) and with a little time this will bring the traffic to your URL and vica versa.

    You probably already know that but... just thought I'd throw that out there.


  3. Is it possible to add some kind of input fields for posts? For example, photo date, name, location, and photographer. Sometimes that info is left out and I wonder where it's from. Not that it should all be required, just would be cool to see sometimes.

  4. I don't usually post replies to comments, but it's probably the best forum for this kind of discussion because it effects each LiPS contributor. My comment is a long one, but I hope folks take a few minutes to read through and have a say.

    There are so many things that could be done with the up-coming LivingstonPhotoSociety.com site. However, there are two main factors that currently influence which functionalities I will bring to the new digs; feedback and know-how. My concern is that I could spend a lot of time figuring out how to add countless features that would never be used...this would be a great learning experience for me, but is ultimately moot. That's why I put 'feedback' first between the two - what is innovation without utilization? Larry, your programming suggestion will help build traffic, which I will touch on in moment. Cre, the request for text boxes to input tags - that is a specific need 'felt' by someone directly involved. Perfect, these are exactly the types of comments I'm hoping to gather over the next few months to help build something brilliant, or just a bit more fluid anyway. :-) Obviously, I have a lot to say about it...even if it sounds like the same thing over and over. Therefore, I've broken it down for y'alls into a micro-list of things I'm considering in the R&D phase of the LiPS' future home:

    1. Keep the site creative, but simple. Likely, a similar layout that makes better use of available space.

    2. New, feedback-based features to better the experience and increase participation.

    3. Safely increase site traffic; we're making available to the world a great quantity of members' intellectual and copyrighted materials. This is very important to me, even though it's me talking about copyrights.

    One thing I've been asked about is why there are so many LiPS members who don't post images...that seems to get some people. I don't mind this one bit, and neither should you. heh Of course I would love for them to post, but I have no requirements or expectations regarding members' level of involvement. A lot of people don't even own a digital camera, which I respect in many ways and could never 'hold against' someone. It's cool to be a part of this group, and that's the biggest thing for me. I've said it before, but I consider every single member to be a solid friend - 15 of whom I've known for well over a decade. The blog is simply supposed to give those people a place to connect and share, if they want to. Sometimes I think that the fantastic quality of the shots on the site intimidates 'newbies' from posting, but I'm not really sure. People, if that's true....don't make me call in Chuck Norris on this one. We wouldn't want Mr. T to have to pity anyone, either. (What's my thing with Chuck and The Mr., you ask? Don't.)

    Our blog is a place to show where we live, how we live, and to say (LiPS) what we want about these things through images. I feel strongly about the site, but that's because it's my baby; Cre named it, Jay posted the first B+W...it made sense then and continues to now. I just look forward to seeing where we are a year from now, don't you?

    Thanks for reading,


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