Here Kitty Kitty Kitty Kitty Kitty!

The kitten saga continues. I believe I may have promised not to post about her again, but something happened last Saturday morning that I felt quite sure you would all like to hear about. Kitten had kittens!!! I remember back in early February there was a very large, very vocal, and very scary black cat hanging around. I sure did not think that kitten(aka: baby, jawbone, or pea)was old enough for her first heat. OOOPS. Anyway, there are five babies, and they said they wanted to meet you, especially "New, New Geega Putz"(the only one to be named thus far, one of the black ones). Please call for an appointment. 333-4451.


  1. oh kittens. great to see that your kitty gets so much love, she's really cute. Time to get the farm cat spaid or you'll be having lots of these. I wish I could take one off your hands, but my dog wouldn't be into it.

  2. Meow, what do we have here? Ohhhh, little snugglies. I hereby name the one on the left Mr. Tinkwinklisteiner. Do any of them have 8 cat has to be special.

    Great pics, Mandis, thank you.



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