Spaulding get your foot off the boat!

I wasn't able to post for a few weeks due to Chuck Norris planting a virus in my cpu with his mind. However, with the help of CR, I was able to rejoin and show you. . .can anyone identify that city? Thanks for helping, CR. KtT. . .


  1. Lost Angeles, but I can't tell where the shot is take from. I had the remotely pleasant experience of living there once upon a time, of course. On the rare occasion I miss being able to go out and get swallowed in the crowds, but then I just go for a drive near the Crazies or, if I'm lucky, down on the Ruby or up to Martinsdale. And then I realize why MT is where I make my home. Still, I miss some of my old haunts,

    Great range of shots, Kondo. Not sure what that dashboard funk was all about, but I'm glad you're back. Keep 'em coming, b-ha.


  2. Looks like downtown LA?? And Santa Monica style ocean??
    thanks Josh, nice to have you back. Chuck Norris hacks computers in half with his legendary ax kick.

  3. Cool shots, I really like the atmosphere and mood in them with the fence one stading out most. I also like that you shot them vertically, it takes a different eye.


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