My passion is black and white photography, but here are some color shots from my trip to Utah. Note the Delicate Arch picture. Cody barely missed this shot, but at least twenty other people have the same shot. It was really remarkable how the arch lit up. The photo has not been altered, it was that color for about two minutes. There were twenty or thirty people present and they were all clapping and hollering. I've never witnessed nature bring out such fanaticism before. Cheers to nature!


  1. As Osama would say "Those are the BOMB man!"

  2. There's only been one time I've seen a crowd of people clap for nature and that was on the island of Ibiza off the coast of Spain. It, too, was a sunset. Glad I could catch that one...

    Great stuff, Jay.

  3. Jay... wow! 5D5D5D5D5D5D5D5D5D5D5D5D5D5D5D5D5D5D5D5D5D5D5D5D5D5D5D5D5D5D5D5D5D5D5D5D5D5D5D5D5D5D5D5D5D5D5D5D5D5D5D5D5D5D!


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