snow moment

For those of you that look at Livingston from afar. I thought I might add a few images of our Monday morning snow fall. After a sunny, spring like Easter day, this is what greeted those of us fortunate enough to live by the Yellowstone in this funny little place where the wind so often blows. As Storr's images portayed so well.

But not this morning!

The snow was so wet, in 10 minutes my D2H got absolutely soaked. Happy to say that it still works fine.


  1. Hey Lar,

    Thanks for the post. Great shots. It's always nice to see newness in the environment one lives in daily. By that I mean that I drive through the park all the time and it always 'seems' to appear the same, but your shots are fresh and unique. What a storm that was, eh? Glad your camera still works...


  2. Those shots remind me of when I visited Jay last year, minus all the snow ;)

    Very serene.


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