14th St. Midtown

This is taken out my studio window. Due West. . .14th and Peachtree. It has been pretty muggy here, it is about 75º at the time of this shot . . .8:30ishPM.


  1. You must be in downtown, although I really don't remember what dt Atl looks like. It also appears as though you're on a 4th or 5th floor, which is a cool perspective. Keep shooting it up in the city, mang.

    Since you're in a city, it would be cool to see some people shots sometime. We don't get too many on the blog, but you and Brad should start a 'people project' to show some of the funkies in your respective cities.

  2. Jay just told me...10D! Now it's KtT10D. You're hooked too, I love it. :-)



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