E3 2006

So I got a chance to go to the biggest video game convention on the planet. What a great time I had and I met some great people. Even though I ran into some technical difficulties I was still able to enjoy myself and get a few great moments. Check them all out at the links provided.


  1. Good to see you back, 'Cago. E3, damn. I bet was pretty cool. I'm not a gamer anymore, but I used to be so I know what the draw is. I saw Peter Moore's shot, but who's the asian fellow by the bus?

    The B+W adds great drama. Classic 'Brad' goodz, my friend.


  2. Nice shots. Like the black and white.

    I do have a simple request. When you post your urls they bleed into the rest of the page (blogger problem, I know) making the display of the page messy. If you were to use a little html I for one would appreciate it. Being a noob here I ask this in the most humble of ways.


  3. The b & w is looking mighty good! I hope E3 was good and you got a lot of contacts. Talk soon..


  4. nice work, the B+w is a good touch.


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