Bloomsday, WA

Another big post by Code Red.

Being a smoker, the last place you'd think to find me would be the Bloomsday 12K race in Spokompton, WA. It was my first race, but I wasn't really racing anyone. I walked it solo in a sea of nearly 50,000 people. You'll see a few shots of my friends - the one with the smoke in his mouth, Paul, completed the 7.46 mile run in 60:00:35...1 hour and 16 minutes before I did. The smoke is fake, but it's become a tradition of his to take it to races...people love that thing. heh All of my buddies ran it in 1.5 hrs or less...nice work.

In other pictures you'll see clothes hanging from the trees...this is apparently a Bloomsday tradition, and a very strange thing to see. I assume all of the clothes go to charity.

Also, I've chucked in a few art shots. And nothing is in chronological order.

All in all, it's was pretty inspiring. Good times with great friends doing something I never dreamed...and enjoying it.


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  1. I like the top photo alot, a little B+W action.

  2. Great shots code! Love the Elvis Polka dude and the Mickey D Cups. Great documentary series.


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