For some unknown reason, all of the .css coding for the LivPhotSoc was literally mulched into near-text only formating last night...if you can call it formatting. I've recreated the main page, but it's still buggy. If you want to see the real nightmare, click on a link for any of the previously archived months. And because of the way blogger works, I have no access to the server where the .css is stored for our archives...so there's no way to fix them.


As a result of all this nonsense, it's likely that we'll be moving to our new site earlier than anticipated. Until yesterday, the only hurdle in making the move was that everyone would have to re-register in order to have unique passwords. If people want me to register them each with a different, but generic password, I will, but it will be each member's responsiblity to change the pass upon first login. Anyone have an opinion either way?

Speaking of our new home, the new 'members area' will have a fairly similar layout to the way it is now with blogger, except with tons of new features. How you upload images will change slightly, which I'll explain in detail at a later date. The new interface is more stable and allows you to upload a ton of images all at once...no more fighting with that mess.



  1. CR,
    Im sorry you had to deal with that messy situation. Thank you for clearing it up so we can contiue to have this wonderful place to share! As far as the passwords go, whatever is easiest for you. It seems like that would be easier, then you wouldn't have to talk with each member prior. You could just set it up then hit us with an email. It still is some work, and I thank you.

  2. Red, go ahead and do what is easiest for you. Give me a generic password and I'll be good to go. Thanks for the hard work and setting this up. Speaking of cool photos, that new header shot turned out great. That was a great perspective shot.


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