Old Y. Trail

Jay and I went out in the valley tonight and got this cool shot.


  1. CR,
    Your photography has progressed immensely, that is breathtaking. It almost looks staged, like you telling the trees to go stand over there. You clouds, contour the trees. I don't know what to say, besides breathtaking.

  2. Nice editing of the image. Great lighting.

  3. Jay and I were pretty fortunate, that's for sure. Check out the color in his; all he could say was 'wow' over and over and I mumbled 'yeah' a few times and that was it for about 5 minute. It would have probably seemed pretty strange to a fly on the wall...good times.


  4. Looks like the light was fantastic as usual. Gotta love them MT weather patterns. You guys need to take more pics ;) I wanna see MORE....MORE!!!


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