I was able to retrieve the formatting for our archive pages back from the fires of Erebus' firm, blog-hating grasp. Hehe...I tricked blogger's interface. I think I'll post the workaround in their forum for others.

I'll update the Links tomorrow.


  1. Keep up your good work, Code. The photo for the current site is spectacular--as all of yours are!

  2. Did you ever see the movie, Hackers? I did.

  3. Hey Code man,
    Have you had problems posting images today??? I'm going crazy trying to get images onto my blog. It just won't take them. I get that indescribable ? in a a littel blue box that I love to sware at. But then I remind myself that it's useless to sware at inanimate objects, especially those projected upon my computer screen. Any tips?

    Also, and unusual sighting tonight down by the park. A little known figure (except in certain photographic talented circles" running by with a beautiful woman...

    Good work code man. Keep it up.


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